Are these 15 alien creatures living among us ?!?

1. These huge hornets, meat eaters.

source :

2. This deep water creature

source :

3. Also, from deep water, the blobfish

4. This primate from Madagascar

5. This fish eating snake

6. This prehistoric monster from the Marianas Trench

source :

7. This bad mothe***cker

source : Facebook: Jennettes-Pier

8. This monster frog, eating birds

source :

9. This mouse, living in a horse nose

10. This slug from Papuasia

source :

11. The huge Weta, world’s largest insect

source: Twitter: @awwnverts

12. The Ctenophora jellyfish, ready to go to a rave in hell.


13. The Purple Man O’ War which is one of the most poisonous creatures


14. The Barreleye fish who says hello, do you want to look through my head ?

Source: tatliaskim

15. The vampire squid

Source: that-science-bitch.tumblr

source :,

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